Windsor International Transit Terminal

Last week, while at Rogues Gallery, getting the scoop about Free Comic Book Day, I took in my surroundings. The neighbours to any business are crucial to the ambiance of the block, and the air of the business district. As of June 24th, 2007, this great little comics shop has a steady stream of potential customers in the way of bus travelers. That’s when the bus terminal relocated to 300 Chatham Street West. I said in last week’s video that I would eventually explore this space. Well, I wound up doing it a little sooner than expected.

The Windsor International Transit Terminal, as it is formally known, is an impressive structure.
“Clean” is the first descriptor that comes to mind when I step inside this building. “Airy” is the second.
Compared to the previous terminal further east (also between Chatham and Pitt) it replaces the image of subway terminals, darkened grout, and crumbling facade with a bright and welcoming feeling. Now that the Downtown Farmers’ Market has taken over the outside of the old terminal, both of these spaces look to flourish as their new functions are rooting themselves in the consciousness of Windsorites.

While I was shooting some video and photos, I noticed my Uncle John coming out of the terminal. He’s been a bus driver for as long as I can remember him. I asked him, as he rushed to his idling bus, what he thought of the new home of Transit Windsor in the downtown. He talked mostly about how easy it is to manoever, as a driver, in comparison to the old location. And it’s obvious that he keeps his ears open while driving, because he knows what the passengers appreciate about the new terminal. He said that they like being able to get inside at 5am instead of 7am. Many folks showing up for early buses would have to wait outside in cold or unbearably hot weather…at least until 7am when the terminal opened up. Now, at 5am, you can walk into a climate-controlled space and wait for your ride in comfort.

I shot two short videos of the Transit Terminal, all the while giving brief details about the history of Transit Windsor, and their locations. Also, below these videos, some more shots I snapped while at the Transit Terminal.

What do YOU think of the terminal? Have you spent any time there yet? Let me know what you miss about the old transit terminal (perhaps United Grill?). E-mail me!

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2 Responses to Windsor International Transit Terminal

  1. Mark Bradley says:

    About spending time in there, I’m not homeless yet! It’s airy, bright, clean but really just another bus station on the road to somewhere else. There is a lack of things about Windsor in it, if you’re getting off a Greyhound bus from somewhere, like directions to hotels, downtown etc., at least I couldn’t see anything the several times I’ve been in there, like miles away from Tourist Ontario at Goyeau and Park!!

  2. Linda Iler says:

    When I was doing the interior tour with you, I was thinking about a Tim Horton franchise. Nice to have a warm cup of coffee while you wait, perhaps with a book or newspaper in hand. 🙂

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